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The Surgi+Care team is here to help! We have the answers to your questions. Browse our frequently asked questions below, and please contact us if you have additional questions or needs.

Prior to Surgery

Do I need to take my normal medications on the day of surgery?

Contact your doctor a few days prior to your surgery date and they will advise you on which medications to take. For example, certain medications such as blood thinners may need a specific plan a few days prior to your surgery.

Why does my escort have to stay in the building when I am in surgery?

When having surgery under anesthesia, it is important that your escort remain in the building so that we can keep him or her updated on your status. They will also need to participate in your post-surgical and discharge instructions.

What happens if I do not have a responsible adult that stays in the building during surgery, takes me home and stays with me for the first 24 hours after my surgery?

For your safety, the surgery will be cancelled and rescheduled to a date that you are able to have the needs above met.

What items do I need to bring to my surgery?

Please bring your ID, insurance card and method of payment for any co-pays or co-insurances. You will also need to bring any items (i.e. eye drops, paperwork, etc.) that your doctor’s office may instruct you to bring.

What items do I need to leave at home?

Please do not wear contacts, jewelry (including all piercings) and/or nail polish. This is for patient safety and helps to limit the risk of infections.

After Surgery

How long can I expect to remain in recovery after surgery?

Patients recovering from surgery are in the recovery area for varying lengths of time. The average stay is approximately 1-3 hours depending on the patient and their needs. All patients must meet preestablished criteria for a safe discharge.

How soon after my surgery can my visitor/escort see me?

You visitor/escort will be informed when surgery is over and when you have been taken to recovery. Once you are comfortable and able to receive visitors, one visitor will be allowed into the recovery area. Cell phones are not permitted in the recovery area in order to provide a peaceful environment.

What if I have questions after I have gone home?

Both your surgeon/physician and the facility will provide instructions, verbally and written, for your care at home. A nurse from Surgi+Care will attempt to call you within 24-72 hours after your procedure to follow up with you and answer any questions.

Billing & Financing

When do I pay for my procedure?

Uninsured or self-pay patients will be asked to pay for services in full no later than the morning of surgery. Patients with verified insurance4 will be asked to pay their portion during registration on the day of your surgery.

Do you offer financing?

Co-payments, deductibles and co-insurance are generally due on your date of service. However, we do offer in house and third party payment plans on a case-by-case basis. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and CareCredit.