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Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Overall, would you recommend Surgi+Care to friends or family who need out-patient surgery?

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1. The Registration Process was prompt, efficient and courteous.

2. The billing and insurance was explained to you and any questions you had were answered.

3. Staff met you and your family's needs and expectations.

4. Any pain or discomfort you experienced was managed effectively.

5. Staff provided a sufficient recovery period prior to discharge.

6. Staff provided clear explanations of discharge instructions.


7. In our call to you prior to your surgery, were you preoperative instructions clear (i.e. refrain from eating, etc) .

8. Anesthesia personnel involved in your care were clear and a complete explanation was provided to you regarding your anesthesia care.

We welcome all comments, positive and negative. We want to know what we can do to improve our services to you and others. If you have any suggestions for improvement in the areas of patient care and safety, please write your comments below. If you would prefer a phone call to discuss, please list that in the comment box and we will reach out to you once we receive your survey.

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